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20 million souls hustling and crowding, thronging grand avenues and shady alleys, buying and selling in slick modern shopping centers and ancient covered markets, honking and shouting, cutting business deals by cell phone and hauling furniture in donkey carts… Cairo … Continue reading

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On Food and Cooking in Gaza

If all goes well, this month Laila El-Haddad and I will begin research for a book on food and cooking in Gaza. Part cookbook, part oral history, part documentation of the present. Please have a look here.

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Kitchen Anthropology

What better way to know a place than though its inhabitants? And what better way to know people than through their kitchens? Recently I’ve been working on what I call kitchen anthropology. It started out as practice for a project … Continue reading

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Anything Good and Bright

The second in the series of videos about Gaza, this one about the American International School there: Anything Good and Bright: The American International School in Gaza – better version from maggie schmitt on Vimeo.

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Fishing in Gaza

Finally finished the first of the Gaza videos! This one should be up on the webpage of The Nation in the next few days. Fishing in Gaza from maggie schmitt on Vimeo. What is it like to live in Gaza? … Continue reading

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when sheep take the streets

Another article recently published in The Atlantic Food Channel. Nomadic pastoralists take the town! Maggie Schmitt Last Sunday five hundred sheep passed through the center of Madrid. Sheep, and with them several oxen, lots of horses, and a bunch of … Continue reading

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Eating under siege

An article originally published in The Atlantic in two parts. Eating Under Siege Maggie Schmitt Once upon a time, Gaza was known for its citrus trees and its extraordinary seafood, the smell of jasmine in the evening. No longer: now … Continue reading

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